Every morning I get up and the first thing I do is pushing some buttons on my phone to get my playlist up and pick a song. VOLUME UP AND HELLO WORLD 🙌🏽¬†To me music has always been a great and very personal inspiration.

The choice of song gives a hint on what my day will be like and what kind of mood I am in today.

Fashion has this same effect to me. It is a way of expressing yourself – your personality, your mood and your motivation.
Materials, details and brands can embrace this expression through their own history and can transform a simple outfit into a very personal piece of art – a statement to society.

That is what ATTITUDE is to me. Being true to yourself and living life with your own rules and having fun while doing so!

The rule is there are no rules.
This is a journey of me expressing my passion for fashion, details and design.

All pictures represent what is going on in my brain – in my creative world.
Be a part of this – have attitude.


Attitude is by definition a feeling or opinion about something or someone, or a way of behaving (Cambridge Dictionairy). When thinking about fashion, art or music it is often the attitude of the owner, producer, artist or singer that makes it so special and sells it in the end. It is the attitude that makes it individual. And it is also a state of mind. Life is about changes. Time changes, seasons change and society changes. An opinion of something you have now can be totally different tomorrow, in a month or in a year. But that is the interesting part. Finding yourself and living life true to yourself with attitude. Sometimes we are not really aware of how much something means to us or how important it is going foreword. In the end it becomes clear Рall the things that played a part in creating something and it is this journey that makes life so interesting. To recognize change and adjust to it while still staying true to yourself, that is attitude Рwhat makes us grow as a person. Therefore the name of the project was chosen because that is what every content on this page represents Рattitude. It is a place where I can enjoy the freedom in my creativity and work on projects that I produce myself or in cooperation with others. It is a place where my ideas can exist.


The Attitude